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Welcome to Orangeburg Distributors

     Orangeburg Distributors was founded 45 years ago by my father, the late “Tootie” Baroody.  A World War II pilot and accomplished sax player, he found,himself working the streets for his uncle’s beer distributorship in nearby Florence, South Carolina, until he was offered the semi-rural Orangeburg territory in 1964.  He started with one truck and a helper and sold an amazing 28,000 cases of Anheuser- Busch beer his first year.  His beliefs were always respect your customer regardless of their background or size, give the best service possible, and never take anyone or anything for granted. cuz thats how we do things around here.

With this being said, we at Orangeburg Distributors have been able to practice these basic principles of business.  Respect your customers, value your employees and give back to the community that supports us.  All 31 of us at Orangeburg Distributors realize how fortunate we are to be in a business we truly love.  To us, “Beer is the nectar of the Gods.” 
     Several groups we are actively involved with are as follows:

     We also support several elementary, middle and high school programs from extremely rural areas that are in need of financial assistance.  These are just a few of the causes we are involved with at Orangeburg Distributors. 

      Being one of the smaller distributors in the state, we continue to adhere to my father’s core values of respect, honesty and commitment to service, both externally and internally. 

Murray Baroody Jr.

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